That famous yellow

Everyone knows that people eat with their eyes. Our farm’s chicken eggs are famous for their especially beautiful yellow yolk. This is why our eggs give a beautiful yellow color to pastries as well as other foods. The nice yellow yolk comes from marigold that we add to our chickens’ food. Marigold extract consists of natural carotenoids – just like fresh grass that our chickens peck in the summer. 

Our Farm

The Bird Farm is a family business. The farm that started only with a few employees has now become Estonia’s most modern and environmentally friendly chicken egg producer that gives work to 18 people. Our farm’s predecessor is Laatre sovkhoz bird farm where the egg house owner and farm’s founder Astre Jaagant went to work in the end of 1970s.

Now, The Bird Farm is actively operated by the next generation: Astre’s daughter Reet and son-in-law Jarno Hermet who is also the business manager and the Estonian poultry farming representative in Europe. 

Our responsibility

Our main concern in The Bird Farm is the well-being of the chickens. We believe that if the chickens feel good, their eggs are also good and high-quality. We do not use genetically modified raw produce and our chicken eggs do not contain any antibiotics. The Bird Farm’s priority is environmental sustainability, which is why our egg house operates on 100% renewable energy. We have a contractual relationship with Green Energy and part of the electricity comes from our very own solar panels. The Bird Farm’s production is plastic-free because our egg packaging is made of renewable materials: pressed paper and corrugated fiberboard. 

Chicken homes

Since the most important character in egg production is a chicken, we constantly and mostly invest in our chickens’ well-being, providing them with living conditions that are completely in accordance with EU regulations.

Caged chicken

Yes, we do have caged chicken, but we also have a plan to move them all from cages to perches within five years. The cages in The Bird Farm are as much as 2,5 meters long and the cages already include nest boxes, perches and a scrabbling area so the chickens could lay eggs without any stress.

Barn chicken

Of all our chickens, we already have a considerable amount of barn chicken. Their homes are and will be buildings where they can freely roam around on many different levels of the whole house and happily mind their chicken business.

Free-range chicken

We were one of the first big poultry farmers who started to grow free-range chickens. This means that chickens can exit the egg house and go out for a walk if they feel like it. Free-range farming requires a lot of land and we are in tight cooperation with land owners to constantly widen ours.

In front of chicken beaks

Our chickens eat stuff that is clean and preferably local. ALL of the grain that is used for chicken feed comes from Estonian fields. In one of our egg houses, chicken get naturally produced Sel-Plex selenium as a food supplement that is beneficial for birds as well as people, boosting the immune system. Besides having a beautiful yellow colour, these eggs are especially good for health and available under the name „The Bird Farm’s natural selenium enriched eggs“

Our eggs



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